Get right, get tight!


If you're anything like me, feeling healthy and looking healthy is a consistent goal. These days everyone is looking for that one THING that helps them get into shape or achieve their health goal. Of course there are scientific factors that play a role in staying fit and being healthy, but there are also a few tools one can use to help aid or expedite that process to achieve that goal. Below I have put a Top 3 list of products I have used in my fitness journey.

Disclaimer: These are not steroids or PEDs (performance enhancing drugs), but supplements or products I have used in my 5 year journey to chip away at my fitness goals and remain healthy physically and mentally.

This is a supplement I found useful in aiding with boosting my metabolism and shedding some fat. Upon waking I would eat breakfast and then simply mix it with my pre-workout. It is made with natural ingredients and FDA approved for both men and women. I am not going to guarantee results or fat burning, but with a clean diet and as little as taking your dog, cat, or lizard on a walk you will see results.

I was honestly skeptical about the product but wanted to try it and see how "great" of a product it was. But like Okinawa, this product that is made in the U.S. and FDA approved. It has helped my bloating and digestive system to give me a better feeling stomach. Again, this is not a "fat burner" or fad diet, as I will not guarantee that and be dishonest. BUT it is a very effective supplement that will support your weight loss.

Last but not least, we have creatine. This is a supplement I would mix in with water or with a pre-workout drink as well. It has been studied for many years now and with a consistent workout routine, I have been able to see strength, endurance, and lean muscle mass gains. It has also shown to help the muscles recover much quicker which is key in fitness.

Much like the guy in the picture above, I was timid and unsure of myself in the gym. Let's be honest, most of us are when we first step foot in the dungeon of beasts! It was not until I had confidence in myself and started changing my health lifestyle did I see any changes. Now, I do not want to be the guy to say the supplements above will work for everyone, because they won't, but they will work for those who are ready to make a change and ready to be committed to their health. I had to think about my future, what I wanted to look, feel, and act like. The three supplements I listed can help give you a push in your fitness journey. I wish you the best of luck and do NOT give up!

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